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Interview: “It’s one of the most moving documentaries you’ll see this year.”
Monster Children | 08/08/2017

REVIEW: “Awe-inspiring”
Roger Ebert | 04/08/2017

REVIEW: “Inspirational.”
The New York Times | 03/08/2017

REVIEW: “…Beautiful…honest and emotional”
Film-Forward | 03/08/2017

REVIEW: “Powerful…as real a human story as it gets.”
Los Angeles Times  | 02/08/2017

REVIEW: “Heartfelt and stirring.”
Film Journal International  | 02/08/2017

REVIEW: “An uplifting portrait.”
The Village Voice  | 01/08/2017

REVIEW: “A remarkable portrait…an inspirational documentary”
The Observer | 01/08/2017

Clip Premiere: “The new documentary follows Simon Fitzmaurice, a young Irish filmmaker with the progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS, as he embarks on directing his first feature”
Entertainment Weekly | 01/08/2017

Report: “Sundance Favourite, It’s Not Yet Dark, Released in the US on Friday, 4 August.”
Irish Film Board | 31/07/2017

REVIEW: “…somehow transcendent…staggeringly insightful reflections on life and love…”
One Room With A View – Edinburgh Film Festival Review | 23/06/2017

REVIEW: “Frankie Fenton’s intensely beautiful documentary…a deeply moving affair. Witty, wise and weighty.”
The Low Down Under – Sydney Film Festival Review | 15/06/2017

REVIEW: “…of great heart and important content.”
Cinematographe – Biografilm Film Festival Review | 15/06/2017

Interview:  “How did you come across Simon Fitzmaurice’s story?”
Sydney City Of Film – Screen NSW | 13/06/2017

REVIEW: “Weaves a thoroughly fixating tale of struggle and achievement.”
FalkenScreen | 13/06/2017

REVIEW:  “An extraordinary documentary.”
Chicago Independent Film Critic Circle | 14/02/2017

Report: “5 Documentaries That Shook Up Sundance 2017.”
Cinema 5D | 04/02/2017

REVIEW: “The very definition of a documentary crowd-pleaser.”
Variety | 01/02/2017

REVIEW: “A cinematic masterpiece that will be one for the books.”
The Daily Utah Chronicle | 01/02/2017

REVIEW: “A heartfelt and stirring documentary.”
The Hollywood Reporter | 31/01/2017

REVIEW: It’s Not Yet Dark is a towering success of visualization.”
Cinemalin | 31/01/2017

Report: “‘Inspirational’: Irish documentary is getting great reviews at the Sundance Film Festival.”
The Journal | 29/01/2017

REVIEW: “A heartfelt portrait.”
Talk Film Society | 27/01/2017

Report: “It’s Not Yet Dark has won over critics with its honesty and grit.”
The Irish Times | 26/01/2017

Report: “Irish Documentaries Shine at Sundance Film Festival”
The Irish Film Board | 26/01/2017

REVIEW: “‘This one looks incredible’ … The 9 Best Documentaries From Sundance.”
Monster Children | 24/01/2017

REVIEW: “An inspirational documentary.”
IndieWire | 22/01/2017

REVIEW: “Remarkably powerful.”
Roger Ebert | 21/01/2017

REVIEW: “It is both appropriate, and poignant, that this documentary premieres in the World Documentary competition strand at Sundance Film Festival.”
Screen Daily | 21/01/2017

Interview: “An uplifting and life-affirming experience”
Filmmaker Magazine | 21/01/2017

Interview: “‘It’s Not Yet Dark’ Director Frankie Fenton talks Sundance and filming Simon Fitzmaurice”
IFTN | 20/01/2017

Report: “Sundance: Why Colin Farrell Narrates Simon Fitzmaurice Doc ‘It’s Not Yet Dark’ (Exclusive Video)”
The Hollywood Reporter | 19/01/17

Interview: “Documentary on Simon Fitzmaurice is a tale of sadness and inspiration”
Irish Examiner | 19/01/2017

Interview: “‘I Felt a Huge Responsibility to Get it Right’: DP Kate McCullough on It’s Not Yet Dark”
Filmmaker Magazine | 17/01/2017

Report: “Irish Doc ‘It’s Not Yet Dark’ Set for Sundance Film Festival”
Irish Examiner | 01/12/2016

Report: “Two Irish films are among twelve  selected for competition at the Sundance film festival”
RTE | 01/12/2016

Report: “The importance of being selected for major festivals such as Sundance cannot be underestimated.”
Film In Dublin | 01/12/2016

Report: “Colin Farrell Will Narrate Documentary ‘It’s Not Yet Dark'”
Hot Press | 12/05/2016